Medical Staff Positions

Now Hiring for the 2023 Season!

Join us this season. We guarantee you’ll have a hard time deciding who smiles more — you or the campers.

The medical professionals who come to Camp Ho Mita Koda often say that it is their very favorite week of the year. It is a unique time to experience the kids they are so passionate about helping in an entirely new atmosphere. It lets everyone have a chance to see each other in the bright sunlight of fun, childhood games and lasting friendships. 

Camp Ho Mita Koda is only possible because of the comprehensive, individualized medical care that is provided to each of our campers. We welcome a diverse group of medical professionals with experience caring for children with the medical conditions we serve. Pediatric clinical experience is preferred and eligibility to volunteer is determined following a personal interview. Preference is given to medical volunteers and staff with experience and training with summer camp and/or Type 1 Diabetes. 

Seasonal Positions

What better place to share your medical education and skills than at summer camp! In this dynamic setting, our medical team plays an essential role in the care and safety of our whole camp.

Each season we hire for the following positions:

Registered Nurse – Day Shift                      Dietician / Nutritionist
Registered Nurse – Night Shift                  Clinic Assistant – Day Shift
Clinic Assistant – Night Shift                       Medical Resident/Fellow
Medical Doctor / Provider                            EMR Data Administrator
Nutritional Coordinator (Dining)             Clinic Supervisor
NP & Physician Assistant                              


Medical FAQs

General Staff FAQs

Being on staff is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you could do with your summer.  Take some time to research and review the general Staff FAQs for more information on what working at CHMK this season would look like.

Does camp cover malpractice insurance?

Yes! The Camp Ho Mita Koda Foundation carries professional liability/malpractice coverage for our medical staff and volunteers. Our coverage is a part of United Way’s non-profit program and is specifically designed to provide this type of professional liability for our organization with paid and volunteer licensed medical professionals working in various capacities outside of the hospital environment. 

What does a typical day of camp look like?

This sample camp schedule is filled with fun and exciting activities.  Each camper has the opportunity to choose the activities that interest them the most and will be able to participate in the wide variety of programs we offer.

Will I be paid to work?

As a medical Non-Profit organization, we rely heavily on the generosity of volunteers to help us carry out our mission. With that, we are proud to offer competitive rates for our positions for those who seek compensation.

You are able to find a breakdown of compensation by position, travel stipend, and agreement additions on our Compensation Page.

When is staff training and do I have to attend?

Staff training for the 2023 season is June 3 & 4, with a June 10th makeup date. 

If you are in a non-licensed role, such as a Clinic Assistant or Nutritional Coordinator, attending both sessions of the Medical Staff training and the full Field Staff training is Mandatory. 

Licensed staff are highly encouraged to attend as much training as possible, with at least one full day of the scheduled medical training. 


Which hospital systems do you work with?

The support and care for our kids begin long before they arrive at camp

Across the Midwest region, we have an impressive and highly respected network of medical partners working to help families learn about Camp Ho Mita Koda, telling potential campers about our activities, and providing critical medical services at our camp’s medical facilities.

We are proud to receive the support of hospitals and healthcare providers on a local and regional level including:

If your organization is interested in becoming one of Camp Ho Mita Koda’s medical partners, please email our Healthcare Manager, Kate Stegall, at 

What should I wear?

Leave your scrubs and business casual clothes at home, and come spend a week in “camp casual” attire. Camp is all about having fun, being dirty, and wearing the same clothes multiple days. More information on the CHMK Dress Code can be found on the online portal.

I don't have a license to practice in Michigan, what should I do?

If you are a Registered Nurse and planning on working at our CHMK-North program in Michigan, Camp Ho Mita Koda will cover the $128.50 fee to obtain a Michigan Nursing License that is valid for two years! 

CHMK is such a safe space for so many people. When you are there you feel at home, you feel understood. It was such a positive experience- it’s such a privilege to support kids with diabetes who get to have the time of their lives for a week!

- Claudia Lewis, PA

Employment Requirements

  • Completion of:
    • CHMK Application through CampSite
    • Annual online background check
    • Online Child Abuse Awareness Training
    • Pre-season staff training. Varies by position.
    • All required volunteer onboarding paperwork
  • Attend Medical Staff Training

Unless all required information and forms are completed in full prior to the first day of staff training, you will not be able to work at camp.

CHMK Medical Advisory Committee


There’s a lot of big thinking behind all this fun!

The Camp Ho Mita Koda Medical Advisory Committee is made up of a diverse group of medical professionals and community leaders whose expertise is instrumental in ensuring that we support the unique needs of our campers. The committee determines policies, procedures, and protocols, provides input in many aspects of camp operations, and serves as advocates for Camp Ho Mita Koda in their respective medical facilities.

If you are interested in learning more about the committee or serving as a member, please reach out to
Kate Stegall, Healthcare Manager, at


Kate Stegall                                           Jamie Wood, MD                                Kim Shookman, MD                                 Roy Kim, MD                       
Healthcare Manager                           CHMK Medical Director                     Medical Committee Chair                         Diabetes
Healthcare Management              Pediatric Endocrinology                  Pediatrics                                                        Pediatric Endocrinology
Camp Ho Mita Koda                         University Hospitals                          Akron Children’s Hospital                     Cleveland Clinic


Sara MacLeish, MD                         Erika Lundgrin, MD                             Brittany Schrefler, MD
Technology                                             Education                                                    General Medicine
Pediatric Endocrinology              Pediatric Endocrinology                     Pediatrician
University Hospitals                      University Hospitals                             MetroHealth




Eva Katsaros, RN                                Ian Zonfa                                                   Kim Behm, RN                                                 Jami Klein, RN                          Robert Savinell, RN
                                                                                                                                                 University Hospitals                                    Dexcom


Faith Poprik, NP                                 Paul McGuigan, RN                              Naveen Uli, MD                                              Sara Snow, CDCES                 MacKenzie Wallace, RN
Cleveland Clinic                                  University Hospitals                             Akron Children’s Hospital                        NovoNordisk

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