Diabetes Management

At Camp Ho Mita Koda, we believe in not only providing incredible experiences at camp, but in providing incredible teaching moments to help build a foundation for proper diabetes management that will last a lifetime.

Camp provides a wonderful opportunity, in a closely monitored and safe environment, for campers to take risks, fail, question, learn, and grow as their personal T1D journey becomes more defined, with a personal plan that best suits each individual.

However, we cannot emphasize enough that camp is not the place to experiment with self-management breaks. We fully understand that sometimes kids get burnt out from devices, and that is totally fine, but it is not recommended to just take the pump off during camp to try something new. In our past experience, when campers have tried to take pump breaks at camp, it has resulted in lots of BG fluctuations and trying to figure out doses that work at camp on a completely different regimen.

One of the great things about CHMK is that we are supported and work in conjunction with many pharmaceutical companies and hospital systems. With our relationships, we are able to provide many supplies for our campers while they attend camp. Below you can find a list of items that camp provides and a list that parents are expected to provide. If you have any questions or are unable to supply any of the items on the parent list, please contact our camp office at 440-739-4095.

Parent Provides

  • Pump supplies if on a pump. 2x the amount needed for the days at camp
  • CGM supplies if using a CGM. 2x the amount needed for the days at camp
  • Charging devices and cords for pumps and CGMs
  • Batteries for pump
  • Prescription medications and vitamins taken at home BESIDES insulin
  • Overnight depends/diapers if the child wears them for a known history of wetting the bed

Camp Provides

  • Insulin (Apidra, Basaglar, Fiasp, Humalog, Lantus, Levemir, Novolog, Toujeo, and Tresiba). *Insulin availability is subject to change.
  • If your camper requires a different insulin (Admelog or Lyumjev) please bring your own and label it with camper’s name
  • Meters & Strips
  • Lancets
  • Needles / Syringes / Pens
  • Glucagon (GlucaGen, Gvoke, and BAQSIMI)
  • Glucose Tabs, Gel, and low treatment snacks
  • Over the counter medications 
  • Epipens
  • Coban, Pod Adhesive, etc

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