Alumni Weekend

August 27, 2022








It was many moons ago when Betty John… in appreciation of the long-term devotion to camp by members of the CHMK community… established an Alumni Reunion Weekend. In doing this, she created a fantastic opportunity for alumni to return to the little ol’ Newbury… to breathe the fresh air… to feel the warmth of the campfire… to gaze up at starry skies… to swim in the soothing waters Founder’s Lake.

      But beyond the obvious allure, reunion weekend is also a chance to bring            to life once again, if even for a moment, those incredible feelings of                          childhood associated with cherished memories of being at camp. Yet camp           is more  than just a memory! It not only exists in the hearts and minds of               alumni… but also in the commitment of today’s campers, who arise at                     bugle call each morning to enthusiastically sustain its legacy.

Camp Ho Mita Koda remains healthy and strong! It’s no secret why… the spirit of camp extends beyond the boundaries of any one summer… spanning generations or caring alumni who ‘remember the times’ they had here. On behalf of the leadership of Camp Ho Mita Koda, we extend to you this invitation to join us on our ‘sacred tribal grounds’ for reminiscence and celebration.

Reunion Rates

Immerse yourself in the rustic coziness of Camp Ho Mita Koda. Staying in one of the cabins gets you the convenience of a roof over your head, plus all the sights, sounds and smells of life at camp. This experience is sure to awaken many memories of former days. Cabins will be set up as they are for camp, you may be sharing with other folks, so arrive early for the prime bunk! We do have tenting options available.

Daily Rate (August 27th)

Overnight Option (August 27 & August 28)

Backpack Bivouac Package #1 (Reunion & Overnight)

Backpack Bivouac Package #2 (Reunion, BB Event, Overnight)

*If not attending the Backpack Bivouac event, participants must leave camp at 5:00pm and may return at 9:00pm.

Weekend Itinerary

Saturday, August 27
12:00pm Check-in – Arrival at camp and check-in for the reunion
12:30  Welcome Home! Join us for an official CHMK welcome, program update, and more at the main fire circle
1:00 Activities – a selection of traditional camp activities will be available, along with the Camp Waterfront
3:00 Pool Happy Hour – This is an opportunity to socialize in a casual setting
4:30 Wrap up –  Reflect on the day and say your goodbyes at the main fire circle
5:00 Depart or transition to Backpack Bivouac
Sunday, August 28
7:00am Polar Plunge – An optional, though highly encouraged, way to start the day
8:00 Breakfast – Available for those registrants who spent the evening at camp as part of the Extended Weekend option
9:00 Activities – a selection of traditional camp activities will be available, along with the Camp Waterfront
11:30 Wrap up –  Reflect on the day at the main fire circle
12:00 Clean-Up & Depart – We will say our final goodbyes and begin the countdown to reconnecting in the future
Available Activities

Stand Up Paddleboarding
Tomahawk Throwing
Water Trampoline
Aqua Blob
GaGa and 9-Square
Arts & Crafts
Campfire & Smores
Happy Hour
So Much More!

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