A sustainability initiative of Camp Ho Mita Koda

Camp Ho Mita Koda offers a unique environment for campers, alumni, families, and the community to gather and have unifying experiences that build strong relationships and memories to last a lifetime. For our many families who refer to Camp Ho Mita Koda as their “home away from home”, we are now offering an opportunity to leave a lasting impact and give back to camp through our cabin adoption program.

We know how important it is for our facilities to be well maintained and to allow people to fully engage with their purpose. After 94 years of changing lives, we are committed to providing world-class programs and facilities for our participants and it is time for an update. The donations to camp allow us to keep facilities up-to-date with the every changing building standards of CHMK. It also ensure that other families can come together and experience this unique and beautiful place. The contribution of cabins helps change lives as together we honor our Mission of helping individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes grow in mind, body, and spirit through an outdoor camping experience that strengthens their confidence and creates a community of peers.

We believe that the adoption of a cabin at Camp Ho Mita Koda is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family and to others!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Adopt a cabin as an individual, with your family, church group, organization, or any combination of ways!
  2. This commitment involves a yearly or one-time donation of funds that will support your adopted cabin to ensure that it remains up-to-date and source of pride.
  3. Adopting groups are highly encouraged to come out to camp annually and assist with beautification projects.

Camp Ho Mita Koda has served over 25,000 campers and staff over the decades, with countless rentals and guests all utilizing our cabins each and every year. If you love coming to camp, you are not alone! Together, we can maintain and improve our facilities for you, your children, and our community.

What needs to be done?

Our current cabins have been a defining fixture of Camp Ho Mita Koda for well over 25 years. After years of service, a variety of improvements and upgrades are desperately needed to ensure that they survive for many more years in the future. Here is a list of projects that need to be completed:

  • Replace front and rear cabin door
  • Replace front and rear screen door
  • Purchase new, thicker mattresses and frames
  • Add insulation and heat
  • Replace fans
  • Paint the exterior
  • Replace the roof
  • Paint the interior
  • Replace steps
  • And much more!

How will I or my group benefit?

Your cabin will be adorned with a plaque of appreciation with your name/group name. We also honor all adopters on the camp website.

Additionally, you or your group will have the ability to schedule an onsite day of  service to take pride and ownership in the adopted cabin and keep it looking its best. The act of doing service together is a powerful way to share connection. Valuable work is being done while your group is building bonds of community. If you feel like Camp Ho Mita Koda has provided you with positive experiences, this is your chance to give back.

Multiple Ways To Be Involved

  1. ​Adopt a cabin with existing personal funds
  2. Work together as a team to raise the funds for your adoption
  3. Attend one or both camp work weekends (Fall & Spring)
  4. Tackle advanced beautification projects for group members with special skills

Adoption List

Cabins for adoption are based on availability on a first-come, first-served basis. The following cabins in Green are currently available for adoption:

  • Betty John
    (Dennis Frampton,
  • Christopher Robin
    (Lee Cothran, 2023)
  • Michael’s
    (Ken Rusinoff, 2023)
  • Rainbow Connection
    (Jami Klein, 2023)
  • Best Friends
    (Jami Klein, 2023)
  • Papa’s Place
    (Ken Rusinoff, 2023)
  • Katie’s
    (Ken Rusinoff, 2023)
  • Flouch
    (Alex Constable, 2023)
    • Henry John
    • Cooks
    • Snake Pit
    • Zonta
    • Hippo
    • Parker’s
    • Doctor’s
    • Julia’s (Treehouse)

The Adopters Commitment

Friend of CHMK
1-year Adoption

One-time donation of $1,800. To maintain adoption at this level, adopters must renew annually.

CHMK Torch Bearer
3-year Adoption

This adoption level allows Camp Ho Mita Koda to start and complete multiple projects at once. Camp will prioritize work in your cabin as funds will already have funds in hand.

10-year Adoption

This adoption level allows your cabin to be fully refurbished immediately and becomes priority each year to maintain the cabin at the highest level.

10-year Adoption

This donation allows sponsorship of all 8 camper cabins, staff lounge, and 5 staff cabins for a span of 10-years.

To adopt a cabin of your very own, contact the camp office today at 440-739-4095
or by email at