Welcome to the Alumni Corner!

When you become a member of the Camp Ho Mita Koda family you’re a member for life. Since our first summer in 1929, Camp Ho Mita Koda has grown and developed in so many remarkable ways. We’re proud of that growth—but we’re even more proud of what has stayed the same over the years: the traditions, the songs, the commitment to camp and each other.

So much of what makes our camp so special is that alumni like you have taken such active roles in our CHMK family. Many of you have worked at camp, and many more of you have actively encouraged friends and family to become members of the CHMK family. The preservation of our camp legacy depends on alumni like you, who continue to shape and improve Camp Ho Mita Koda well beyond your time here.

Please be in touch with our office about how you’re doing, what you’re up to, and when you might be able to come and visit the camp. We’d love to have you back. Just be ready to sing with us when you get here!

Connect With Alumni

Alumni are a very important part of the Camp Ho Mita Koda family. We appreciate the many ways in which past campers and staff stay involved and connected with camp. Join the Camp Ho Mita Koda Facebook Page and stay informed of camp happenings through this popular message board.

Gatherings & Reunions

The next Alumni event is right around the corner! Is it on your calendar yet? Keep an eye out on the FB page or email Alumni@camphomitakoda.org for more information.

Alumni Database

Great things are happening out at CHMK right now and it all could not have been possible with you, our distinguished alumni. As we move toward our 100th year anniversary, we are looking to really prioritize connecting with our Alumni base to ensure that we are continuing to serve as a strong support system long after a camp experience has ended. At CHMK, when you’re here, you’re family (that actually could be the Olive Garden slogan????).

Anyway, we are collecting and updating our Alumni Database and we need your information! Please take 5 minutes to quickly complete the ALUMNI SURVEY and pass it along to anyone you know who has ever attended camp. Thanks!

Alumni Through The Years

Take a stroll down memory lane with old photos of the camp. Each link contains photos from that specific decade:

1930s       1940s         1950s       1960s        1970s       1980s
1990s        2003           2004        2005          2006         2007
2008          2009          2010         2011          2012         2013
2014          2017         2019          2020          2021         2022

*If you have photos from your time at camp that you would like to share to help fill in the gaps, please send a scanned version to Alumni@camphomitakoda.org, along with the approximate date and other relevant information about the photo.

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