Staff Referral Program

Do you know someone who would make a great Camp Ho Mita Koda summer staffer?

Simply have them fill out a summer staff application and once they are hired and complete their first season at camp, you’ll pocket $150 (per staff referred) for Field/Medical Staff and $250 (per staff referred) for Licensed Medical Staff and be entered in a drawing for one of three $100 gift cards of your choice!


Earn $150 or $250 and be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift card!

Here are the details:

    • They must be qualified to fulfill one of our advertised positions.
    • You must submit, in writing, a description as to why this person is qualified, where you feel they would best fit in (what position, etc.) and which age group you feel they would do best in. E-mail this to
    • You will act as an ambassador during the summer to the new staff member(s); this includes consulting, advising and nurturing.
    • Deadline for staff referrals is June 1.
    • We will pay you $150.00 per successful Staff referral and $250.00 per successful Licensed Medical Staff referral at the end of the summer season.

To qualify:

    • The staff applicant must list your name on the summer staff application as the individual who referred them to work at CHMK.
    • The staff applicant must work for the full duration of the summer agreement. They cannot resign or be terminated. 
    • The staff applicant must be a NEW staff applicant who has never worked at CHMK.
    • You must personally know the applicant.

What you’ll receive:

    • $150 per applicant (Staff) or $250 per applicant (Licensed Medical Staff)  either included in your paycheck (if you are working at camp) or mailed to you.
    • At least one drawing entry toward one of three $100 gift cards of your choice for one of the following: iTunes, Amazon, REI, or Whole Foods.

Get your friends to apply online today to get the process going!

The more friends you have working, the more entries for the $100 gift card drawing. More entries equal a better chance at winning one of the three $100 gift cards!