BSA Eagle Projects & GSA Gold Awards

If you are attempting your Eagle Scout, Gold Award or other similar effort and you need a project we may have the one just for you!  Camp Ho Mita Koda is looking to accomplish a number of projects that need organization, maybe a little fundraising, and plenty of helping hands to get them done.  We have a variety of unique projects that you may want to consider or come in with your own idea.  Projects are ongoing and we work very closely with you to help develop a budget, create a timeline, provide support, and so much more!

For more information on project availability or to work with Camp Ho Mita Koda on a project, please contact Roy Allison, Facilities Director, at

Potential projects include…

  • Fence Construction
  • Walking Bridges and Trail Cutting
  • Archery Pavilion
  • Low Ropes maintenance and elements to be built
  • Build a Gaga Pit
  • Build 9 Square in the Air
  • Boat Shed construction
  • Cabin rehab
  • Create bird watching ‘blind’ w/bench seating and install bird feeders in front of station, supply binoculars (PENDING)
  • Buy/construct rocking chairs for picnic pavilion (Tractor Supply Company model)
  • Help construct a 3-D archery range
  • Repair & Repaint Picnic Tables
  • Build Sod Furniture à Sofas, Chairs, etc.
  • Build Hammock Havens à center pole with 8 to 12 poles in an outer perimeter to hang hammocks to the center pole (x6)
  • Benches around Inspiration Point Camp Fire
  • Posts in for ‘award stand’ pictures
  • Website development
  • Hammock Village construction
  • Program development
  • Permanent signage for camp (turn left, turn right, ‘slide in’ signs with railing)
  • SO MUCH MORE!!!!

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