Our goal at CHMK is to make this the best job ever for all staff. On this page you can find many resources to help set you up for success while working at CHMK. Staff Training is the most important time of the year for us and it is imperative that all staff familiarize themselves with the information necessary for us to operate a successful program. If you feel that your needs are not being met or you would like additional information to help you feel confident and competent, please reach out to Ian Roberts at or 440-739-4095.

Medical Manual

The 2023 Medical Manual. All questions should be directed to the CHMK Healthcare Manager at

Medical Manual

Resident Information

All Residents who are not attending in-person pre-staff training for the current camp season must complete the ‘Resident Module & Quiz’ virtual training prior to the start of camp. 

Once completed, please screenshot the passing score and email it to the Healthcare Manager for documentation. 

Resident Module & Quiz

All questions should be directed to the CHMK Healthcare Manager at

Electronic Medical Record System

Click below to access the CampViews Electronic Medical Record System online training:

CampViews EMR Training

Omnipod Overview
Diabetes Basics for New Staff
All About Insulin
Insulin Injections
Severe Hypoglycemia & Glucagon
Carb Counting & Insulin Dosing
Pump It Up
CGMs & Integrated Pumps
NIghtshift- Diabetes Management
Ketones & Sick Day

Camp Ho Mita Koda

Camp Ho Mita Koda

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