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Summer is upon us and that means that Camp (make sure to register) and summer vacations are right around the corner. This month, I decided to highlight some of the experiences I have had traveling and what I do to make sure I have all the T1D supplies I need when I travel.

As a person with Type One diabetes, I find that I need to be prepared for anything! Especially while camping or going to any event. I wear an OmniPod so I will have back up pods if I am planning a longer stay. If my trip is just for the day I will be prepared with syringes as my back up. As all of you with T1D know, being prepared is our biggest ally.

When I was younger, around 16, I traveled the furthest I have ever traveled at that point when I went with my grandma to California. I thought that I had a full vial of insulin but upon arriving I noticed it was an empty box. I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to let my family know I had made a mistake. I went to sleep without insulin in my pump and woke up feeling gross! By the time I told my grandma it was pretty late in the process. We went to the ER and I had to spend 2 days of my vacation there. There are many lessons I learned through these mistakes. The first is never to be scared to admit you’ve made a mistake and you need help. The second is to always double check that I have packed my insulin. Now, when I travel, I always take the vial out of the box. I do take the box just in case, because it has my prescription on it.

I have grown from my California adventure! I visited Florida for a conference this past year by myself and had a great time. I also flew to see my British friend Kirsty in 2017. I know first hand how much packing and being prepared for a trip is crucial to the success of the trip! Take your time when you pack. I always take about double what I need and store everything in a giant clear plastic bag so it can be seen very clearly by the TSA. Ask your doctor for a prescription for back up pens or syringes. Sometimes they have samples to give out.

We still have camper spots for our 2018 camp season! Visit our website to register today! I look forward to seeing all the new and returning campers this year for our fully packed summer schedule!

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at rachael@camphomitakoda.org.

Happy Camping!!
Rachael Messner