Camp Ho Mita Koda is proud to offer a series of Pro-Deal perks for CHMK staff! If you have any questions or concerns regarding employment with Camp Ho Mita Koda Foundation, please review the information below. You can contact our office directly at 440-739-4095 or

CampSite Employment Forms

Once you accept an offer of employment, you will receive an email with a login and password to our online system, CampSite, which has all of the employment forms you must complete before your offer is finalized.

Employment Form Login Page: CampSite 

Employment Form FAQs
May I email any form to CHMK instead of uploading it? No. You must upload forms into CampSite.

Medical physical – I’ve already had one—do I need to do it again with this form? A current physical (valid from the last two years) must be submitted.

I have received a certification that is listed on the compensation table as one that increases my pay. How do I receive the increase? Congratulations! We love when staff work to gain additional credentials in the summer camp industry! Your pay increase will go into effect at the beginning of the pay period following the date that the new document is uploaded to your CampSite account. If you have any trouble with uploading it, please email for assistance.

How do I update my direct deposit information? Send an email to with the following information:

  • New routing number
  • New account number
  • Type of account (checking or savings)
  • Image of voided check or letter from your bank with the new information
Payroll Information

Questions about how your pay is calculated? See our Pay Scale for details.

Questions on your pay stub or did you not receive your check, as anticipated? Please contact your Camp Director and they can help get it sorted out ASAP!

2023 Pay Schedule

WorkForce is our payroll and timekeeping system. See below for details on how to navigate the system.

  • Once entered into our payroll system, you will receive an email to access your personal WorkForce account.  DO NOT LOSE this email. 
  • Within WorkForce you will have access to all of your pay stubs and W2 tax information.
Report a Complaint/Misconduct

Employee Reporting Process
We encourage all staff to utilize the “Circle System” to address and find resolution to any issues that may arise. In the instance that there is an incident that is unable to be resolved or warrants immediate assistance, we ask that you inform your immediate supervisor. If a complaint is about a Field Staff member, reporting should be directed to the Operations Manager. If a complaint is about a Medical Staff member, reporting should be directed to the Healthcare Manager. If the complaint is about a leadership team member, reporting should be directed to the Board Chair.  If an issue is unable to be solved with a manager, please complete the online form. 

Please use the online form to report any issue relative to any violation of the Camp Ho Mita Koda Code of Conduct which may also include sexual harassment, workplace harassment/abuse, staff and camper safety, or any other concerns that you have experienced or witnessed. We will respond within 2 business days from receipt.

This report will be anonymous unless you add your contact information. We do not have a way to track your submission unless you choose to share your information with us.

Your submission is shared with a limited group of Camp Ho Mita Koda leadership for review and determination of appropriate action:

  • Ian Roberts, Executive Director
  • Ted Rusinoff, Board Chair

File a Complaint 
Please feel free to fill out this ANONYMOUS survey to report or give feedback you observe in the field from staff of not so great practices that need to be addressed. 

Pro Deals

Pro Deal Guide.  Staff are eligible for Pro Deals after 30 days of employment.

Health Insurance

We often get asked about short-term health insurance and unfortunately CHMK does not provide this option.

If seasonal staff are interested in a short-term policy or purchasing low-cost coverage, they should contact CHMK’s insurance broker, Nicki Miklos, Individual Health Solutions Leader, at Oswald Financial by phone at (330) 662-0595 or via email at

Camp Discounts

Please call our Customer Experience Team, 440-739-4095, to enroll in camp with a discount for members of your immediate family. Depending on the program and restrictions, an immediate family member may receive up to 50% off of an eligible program or session of camp.


Reimbursements: (For all reimbursements, simply submit your receipts to your Camp Director.)

  • Advanced certifications – returning staff are eligible for up to $100 reimbursement for advanced certification. The reimbursement will be on your paycheck in the pay period you submit the appropriate documentation during the season. Please check our compensation page for a list of the one-time contract additions.


  • Volunteer time: If a CHMK seasonal staff volunteers for >5 hours in a calendar year for a non-profit that aligns with CHMKs mission to “help children living with Type 1 Diabetes grow in mind, body, and spirit through an outdoor camping experience that strengthens their confidence and creates a community of peers”, CHMK will donate $25 to that organization.
  • Non-profit donations: If a CHMK staff donates money to support a non-profit organization that aligns with CHMK’s mission
    to “help children living with Type 1 Diabetes grow in mind, body, and spirit through an outdoor camping experience that strengthens their confidence and creates a community of peers”, CHMK will match the donation up to $50 per organization per year.