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Camp Ho Mita Koda is hard at work preparing for the upcoming 2022 camp season and we need your help to make a CHMK experience accessible for all. We want to share an easy opportunity to help support our campers and families to ensure that no child is ever turned away due to financial hardship. Have you ever checked out at the grocery store, or any store, and the clerk asks you to round your change up to benefit a charity of the store’s choice? Well, we have found a way to allow the round up to happen, but we don’t have to get any store to buy in!

We just need to let the folks who love Camp Ho Mita Koda know about it, and you have the power to make the round-up!

Here’s how it works ….

  1. All you do is text DIABETESCAMPS to 43506!  and it’ll send you a secure link to our website that will link your preferred debit or credit card, to our bank account.


  1. Go to and click on “Get Started”.

Then you spend like normal, let’s say tonight you go and fill your car up with gas. It costs $15.99. You swipe your card like normal, your receipt from the gas station will show $15.99, but you can smile behind the scenes you know that you just donated one penny to Camp Ho Mita Koda!  You didn’t have to do anything. It’s a soft way of making a difference all the time.

On the last day of the month, your card will donate the rounded-up change in one donation, to Camp Ho Mita Koda.

We know that most families have a budget. So let’s say you want to join us today, but know you can’t afford to do more than $10/month. With the link attached, you can actually set up a monthly max. So that way you can make a difference but make sure it fits in your budget.

Join the ‘Be the Change’ roundup campaign today!

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